Extreme Asses Dubble Bubbles

This post was written by WetLove on March 30, 2007
Posted Under: Hot naked babes

largemisty-001.jpg largemisty-005.jpg largemisty-017.jpg
largemisty-020.jpg largemisty-024.jpg largemisty-028.jpg

These dubble bubbles are possibly the hottest babes I’ve got to film in the last year… what a day this was. First I thought I was only going to get Misty to cum over, and then she brought her girl Trissa over, I knew it was going to be an awesome night. You cant pass on a pair of asses like these.

largemisty-030.jpg largemisty-032.jpg largemisty-036.jpg
largemisty-040.jpg largemisty-046.jpg largemisty-050.jpg

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